Change Management: balancing Leadership with collaborative involvement

When we are facing uncertainty and complex situations, when there seem to be more questions than answers, the soft factors might become the major challenges. Therefore our Change Management approach is to manage the dynamics on a factual as well as emotional level. We address change situations from two sides: from the individual change leadership and from the guidance and steering of the process. 

Together we design a process of transformation that helps you successfully implement significant change whether it is in the context of reorganization, a cultural shift or when implementing new strategic directions or innovation practices.

Your leadership role is key

In Change Management your leadership style is pivotal. As a leader you are facing the task of providing meaning and direction and to give credible, clear answers, no matter how difficult the situation may appear. We help you to deal with these expectations: How and when should the employees be informed and what are the necessary key messages? How can you deal with their emotional responses? What communication platforms are needed to get the stakeholders involved?  We help you develop your personal strategy to handle questions like these effectively and identify the according instruments and activities. We support you with regard to your personal communication challenges, for example when it comes to announce drastic steps, to perform delicate talks or to conduct crucial meetings.

Responding to change with an interactive process

We enable executives to respond to personal and organisational transformation in a way that is generative, rather than controlling or passive. Whether it is a matter of a new strategic direction, developing a value proposition or the implementation of structural reorganizations - our change management approach aims at involving the parties directly and actively in the process by using their knowledge and foster their involvement. Communicating collaboratively means working directly and openly with others in a process of mutual influence. Our Business Workshops are designed for small teams as well as for large groups. They provide a valuable platform for a purposeful dialogue that forms a solid basis for effective change to take place. Complex topics are talked out together, troubleshooting takes place and solutions are implemented.

Get the people in charge involved

Transformation happens when people connect. It is the result of their interactions in a challenging context. A proper participatory workflow stimulates energy, excitement and commitment. With our Change Management Workshops we design spaces for teams, project teams or boards that allow effective interactions and productive conversations. What content benefits do you want to achieve? A common vision? A clear focus on priorities? Creative out of the box thinking?  A change of mind-sets or paradigms? Is there a decision to be taken? Or do you seek agreements on actions to be taken? By putting effort in the conceptual design and expectations management, we ensure that your workshop runs smoothly and targets are met. In a structured mechanism we allow participants to engage and share multiple viewpoints, expertise and experiences so that new ideas and solutions can evolve.

To make sure the positive energy and the impact of the results last well beyond the workshop, a pre-planned follow up is crucial. Together with the convener we make sure that the participants leave the workshop with specific plans for future action.