Team Building - Take your team to the next level

In a world populated by virtual, discontinuous and networked teams, team building is a critical engine for driving organisational performance. Our approach to team development is to use the real organisational issues to transform team effectiveness and to generate exceptional commitment and drive.

Even the most successful senior managers sometimes struggle to understand why their team is not realising its full potential. Becoming a real team is not a virtue. It requires an intentional decision on the part of its members. We facilitate teams and senior teams in engaging in effective conversations about how they work together and in understanding patterns of behaviour by addressing the underlying dynamics.

We strive to align the changes to business outcomes, significantly contributing to both the short-term and long-term performance. Our approach to team building is to use the real organisational issues and experiment with new ways of working to transform team effectiveness.

Providing a space for reflection creative reasoning or action planning

The team development off-sites we offer are shaped to build your teams capacity for effective action and to foster its capability to learn, develop, re-energise and work towards shared goals. Our customized designs effectively focus on the particular challenges your team is facing at various stages:

  • diagnose the team strengths and challenges, by using appropriate indicators
  • practice team startup and team tune-up activities.
  • establish comprehensive and shared goals
  • build commitment and focus on results
  • provide a save space for ideas and experimentation
  • foster the team identity
  • allow feedback and provide a setting for addressing critical issues
  • master conflict and build trust
  • increase levels of sustained liability and performance

Through specific interventions we encourage contributions and interactions, while paying attention to the groups energy, motivation – and fun.

The team development process can be informed by information from external sources such as the views of key stakeholders. When appropriate we use a set of proven e.g. the Team Management Profile by Margerison-McCann, the Team Performance Model (Drexler Sibbet) or the Leadership Versatility Index 360° Feedback (LVI).